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I want to let the people that make me feel special know that they are special to me as well, and try to give back a little something to the amazing folks who put up with my incessant self-promotion, beer spilling, attention whoring, and drunken antics.
To be frank, if i've ever spilled beer on you, then this page is for you.

Also just for signing up, I've made my latest EP, "Where the Sidewalk Ends" available for FREE and i'm giving a 20% discount off of all of my other music and wares, for those that sign up for this little DW Insiders Circle thing.

Jason (DW) (S1D?)

Ps.... Down below is a little video I found hiding on my laptop from our first tour back in 09', Enjoy my drunken rambling.

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Spark1duh? aka Dusty Wallets
Saint Louis, Missouri
Dusty Wallets a.k.a. "Spark1duh?", is a solo artist from St. Louis, MO, and also a member of "The 12 to 6 Movement" and "Death & Taxes". Picture Bad Brains, meets the Wu-Tang Clan, or Black Flag, meets the Beastie Boys. Not your typical jewelry, drugs, streets, and guns repetitive rap here, just honesty, brashness, and one hell of a charming attitude.

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